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Rent paddleboards from us in San Pedro

We are a really small shop and we always give priority to lessons.  Call us for availability before just showing up.

Due to recent safety concerns in Marina del Rey, we are not currently offering rental boards in MDR (see report — ).  Call us to rent boards at our San Pedro location.  You won’t be disappointed — the water is clear and clean (recent “A” rating on its report card, compared to MDR’s “F” rating aka poop water).  (see pages 12 (MDR) and 30 (Cabrillo) for details).

A few notes on rentals.  We expect you to do a lesson WITH US IN SAN PEDRO before renting boards.  This is not entirely because we don’t think you already know how to paddle.  It’s largely because San Pedro is a unique location and we have only recently started operating in this location.  There is a marina owner down here who is anti-sup and is pursuing legislation to prohibit paddleboard operation in boat marinas.

We must be an ambassador of the sport in Cabrillo Marina.  Our job is to make sure you can handle yourself in wind and chop…and boat traffic. As mentioned above, there are people in the boating world trying to have SUP outlawed not just in this marina but in all marinas.  Let’s not contribute to their argument.

If you’re an avid paddler and you know the lay of the land in Cabrillo Marina, but you haven’t had a lesson with us, call us and we’ll work something out.  If you tell us you’re an avid paddler and you know the lay of the land, but this is clearly not true, we will require a lesson before you rent boards.

Last note — read our reviews –  People who have only ever rented boards paddle with their arms.  We teach you how to paddle with your larger muscles and make this the work-out you want it to be.  You won’t regret spending the time.

Also, we’ve just started a meet-up group on Wednesday mornings.  If you know how to paddle, come out and join us!


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  • Susan

    I’ve rented from Wade several since taking paddle board lessons. He is so professional and always has everything ready to go right when I arrive. Thanks Wade!

  • Katie Wells

    Hi –

    I just purchased 3 hours sessions. Confirmation is 2537-0240-6640-2973. How do I reserve the boards for 11am tomorrow? It will be Abi, my son Everett (10) and his friend Griffin (also 10). Abi and Everett have done this before.


  • Lesley Lanigan

    Hi Wade:

    I took lessons from you before. Do you have any rentals available early Saturday morning?


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